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Zixi Qinliangshan Research Lab

Advanced Biological and Environmental Studies

Brought in to try and resolve the rural depopulation happening in Zixi County, Jiangxi, China, we began by visiting local village farmers to understand their perspective on the late migration of habitants into bigger cities.


We quickly understood that the biggest push factors were the lack of reliable economic opportunity, propper facilities for living and working, and well formed educational systems.


In this project we decided to begin the renewal of these beautiful villages by introducing a partnership between the public and private sectors in hopes of developing a more substantial culture of research and education.

The Zixi Qinliangshan Research Lab joins the public and private sectors for educational and economic opportunity. In the interest of academic and market research we propose partnerships between a domestic and foreign university with a local private company to develop and fund a series of research labs in the Qinliangshan forest park villages.


The abundant ecosystem of this region would provide opportunities to any student hoping to get hands-on work in environmental studies and engineering, ecology, biology systems, biochemistry, and even cultural studies thanks to the preservation of local culture in these small villages.

The funding coming to the villages for this privileged access would be used with mentorship from the universities in the development of local schools which will bring families back to the area.

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Ecosystem map: 
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Over the course of a week, we conducted interviews with farmers and local state officials in 7 villages in the Qinliangshan National Park.


With the help of translators and local guides, we came to understand the culture, needs, and daily lives of the people. We decided to focus on one village of 50 inhabitants as the basis of our systemic proposition. 

After presenting our concept in front of a congregation of state officials and local citizens, we left them with a detailed plan, from short to long term evolution. 

We are still in contact with the organisers and hope to see how we can help spur economic and social progress in the region in the future.

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