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Connecting skiers and first responders 

The main objective of this month long mission was to create the first demo prototype of X-Fabric's new product, X-tract - a first-aid and response application for skiers and first responders. 

Using a number of tools (notably Sketch, Illustrator, and Invision) I worked with the X-Fabric team in  5 week-long sprints to rapidly prototype both the mobile app and operator back-office. 

I began with a product benchmark and audit of existing graphic content before starting the wireframing process. Over the course of an afternoon the team and I were able to sketch together the central functions of the application, which I then translated into a full wireframe mock-up of the app. 

This mock-up was reviewed before beginning the second sprint, after which I created the product's graphic chart and V1 user interface. 

We made changes to the prototype collaboratively after the V1 over the course of 2 weeks until the end of the mission, culminating in a product pitch and plan for user testing. 

2019 : UX, UI, product design, prototyping

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