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Supporting Sennder's shippers, carriers and operators with modern freight logistics software

2021 - present : UX, UI, service design, product design, prototyping, user research, user testing, product strategy

Since June 2021, I've been working on improving shipper and carrier experiences on sennder's main softwares. I've worked on all sennder softwares, but focus mostly on the carrier shipment marketplace services, and shipper tracking tools. 


Our [Otters] software is a tool for shippers. SMBs can program and track shipments with ease on our simplified order creation interface. Our enterprise clients take advantage of our bulk order creation and shipping analytics tools. I support all product design and research initiatives on the shipper organisation of sennder's operations. 

Beginning with a series of refined UX audits, we set an evolving product roadmap and have been working on redesigning and extending our functionalities since June 2021. My central focus with this team is building out a daily tool for our shippers  - reducing complexity, providing visibility and clarity, and creating self-explanatory interactions. 

Notable projects for this software: Notification system UX and UI, Dashboard research and redesign, Tracking system and interface research, documentation, technical spec creation, and tracking service interface design. 

Wireframes below (full UI not available for discretion) 

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Carriers access Sennder's services through the [Orcas] software. Here, they can bid and book shipments, and plan and dispatch these orders. I support the marketplace experience of our brokerage services. My work with this team is more technical as these carrier services interact with several different softwares. I use service design methods for most of my work with this team, working on system mapping, service blueprints, customer experience flows, and finally interface interactions and graphic design. I've succeeded by partnering with engineering and product management through the entire product development lifecycle. 

Wireframes below (hi-fi UI not available for discretion)

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