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Designing Michelin's new innovation lab to re-establish company culture

Brought on as a Freelance Design Consultant, I helped Michelin's internal direction conceptualize a 3-part innovation ecosystem in which they could re-establish themselves as mobility innovators and experts. Over the course of four months, we developed a proposal that would  first engage the surrounding corporate ecosystem, bringing together major actors in mobility to create a concentration of collaborative expertise, and be able to transform Michelin's historical (yet decommissioned) Manufacturing and test facility in the heart of Clermont-Ferrand, FR. 


The project (still ongoing) involved designing services, branding, interactions, and spaces to host events from immersive exploration sessions to conferences on data collection in modern mobility systems.  

Design and collaboration as the centerpiece of innovation

Much of the motivation for the project came from the historical founders', André and Édouard Michelin, commitment to ArtScience - the collaboration of science and engineering with design and creativity. Serving as inspiration for the proposal, we explored ArtScience as a leverage point that could pivot Michelin towards a new business of mobility innovation consulting and support. 

We used A-B Testing methods through our conception phase to understand the reception of different proposals by Michelin's internal direction, splitting our communication between three to four different teams and receiving different feedback from each.  We settled on one coherent line of concepts that answered many of the questions that came up through the projects, as well as the needs of the ecosystem in which they will exist.

To the left, you will find graphics for flyers I made to visually describe our proposals for the ArtScience Studio and CoDesign Station. 

The customer journey deliverable

The final portion of my involvement in the project was to describe the interactions and uses of the transformed manufacturing and testing facility. Here we have a (redacted..) detailed plan of an immersive two-day exploration session for the future B2B offer of the CoDesign Station. 

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