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The Approaching Curve

Thesis Study by Jordan AMAN 

I began this study investigating the question, “How does the privatization of digital infrastructural development affect citizen living and quality of life?” This question holds an inherent opinion, that indeed the privatization of digital infrastructure can and does have an impact on an inhabitant’s quality of life. I found, and came to agree, that the overall responsibility for maintenance of social welfare rests with the public sector. In observing privatization of the development of digital infrastructures, however, the shift in developing power and decision making signaled an equal shift in responsibility towards the private sector.


The effect of this privatization additionally takes on different proportions in different environments, depending largely on the local consumer population as well as the local government. In developing countries the concerns are different, and I found that privatization provides a much needed structure to commerce and regulation.


Finally, I posit that creating a dialogue between citizens and actors installing infrastructure in the locale is a powerful way to maintain social equity if the involved parties are all open to the whole ecosystem. This conclusion inspired a second round of ongoing research on designing for the public sector. 

I invite you to explore my research and please let me know what you think. 

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