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Assise National du Design

A national organisation for the promotion, advancement and sharing of Design and its many applications. 


Launched in April 2019 by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Culture, the first National Design Conference in December 2019 resulted in some thirty major recommendations, most of which were broken down into more operational recommendations, presented in the official proposal. These proposals of the Assises postulate the unfailing link between design and innovation, and consider design as a tool for innovation to solve the major economic and social issues of our time. Building on the experience of other national initiatives, they lay the foundations of a structuring of the French design ecosystem, via a dynamic network. 

While working as a Service Designer at 40/60 Design Studio I led our team in reflexion and delivery of our own set of recommendations, which can be found here

The full text of all 30 recommendations can be found here

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