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Transitioning from v2.0 to v3.0 in processes, methods, tools and technologies

2019-2021 : UX, UI, service design, product design, prototyping, user research, user testing, product ownership, position creation

From October 2019 to May 2020, I piloted all design activities at Bluenove Paris. Specialized in collective intelligence consulting, Bluenove works with both the public and private sectors to leverage intelligence for open innovation. I worked regularly between developing methodologies, knowledge management, product research and service design, UX and UI design, product ownership, team tool and product trainings, and client facilitation.


After delivering an MVP of two new modules for the Assembl platform, Implementing a new industrialized CMS, and redesigning the entire Assembl back-office, I left the project with a collection of designs and specifications for the next teams and POs to implement over the course of a year. 

The Platform

The Assembl platform supports 6 native applications for steering collective intelligence initiatives. Each module is used for specific portions of tailor-made methods to allow communities to discuss, debate, and prioritise ideas, shared problematics and actionnable solutions. As of my arrival in the product team, we began designing the third iteration of the platform, totaly rethinking the services, interfaces, méthodes, and client / participant experiences. The platform, apart from it's client-facing applications, is also the primary tool our consultants use in analysis. One of the biggest stakes in this ongoing project is transitioning  the platform into a consumable SaaS model while augmenting it's powerful analysis and administration tools. 

Service Design

The design process for Assembl V3 is supported by service design methodology. We separated the existing platform and its functional methods into mono-functional applications to better understand how to improve the participant experience. The most important part of these reflections is trying to optimise communications between individual participants and their community, as well as creating a tool specialized enough to support consultants iin their everyday work. 

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inscription flow

UI & Design System

Taking a modular approach to the application and platform design, we began building the Assembl Design System. This system supports our open source vision for this powerful tool for collective intelligence. We are working towards a future where communities can take charge of their own initiatives from the employment of the platform and its applications to developing their own modules, collaboratively building the future of collective intelligence and the Assembl ecosystem. Currently this design system is under construction and lives between Figma and Storybook. 

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Project management

Since the begining of development on the AV3.0 project, I have take a simultaneous role of design lead and scrum product owner to be able to follow the implementation and constant evolution of the project. With this multi-cap posture, I maintained a comprehensive vision of the product and ensure its delivery with multiple development teams while also having full investment on the design, research, knowledge management and testing of the new platform. 


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metrics dashboard
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Thematic organisation
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